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      Zodiac date of birth compatibility

First I want to note that since the 365 days a year, in principle, one can imagine a year zodiac circle with 12 sectors of 30 degrees each. A 30-degree, in turn, can be divided into three decades to 10 degrees. Of course, we all need to understand that this is just our zodiacs human interpretation, that is, we may well completely change all the names on any other cancer in the Prumgacha, Aquarius on Karan and so on. You can think of anything. The main thing we're doing astrology for certain purposes, such as to determine the success of a process, to establish compatibility between people, to understand what forces influence the individual. So what could be called the interpretation of complete nonsense, leaning more toward science, in statistics, to mathematical analysis. But since people are already calling the Cancer Cancer, Aquarius and Aquarius, we have to put up with these invented interpretations.

Suppose a person is born on 22 July. At the junction between Cancer and Leo. Who will be the man, as it will have to be interpreted? As a Cancer or Leo? This is a very interesting question, I learned many astrologers, someone says it is Cancer, Leo someone, someone that is a mixed type. But as the influence of the human stars? With the changes that affect the day the sun and man Leo, and at night turn on the Moon and one becomes a Cancer? It's quite interesting. It seems to me that there is need to move away from the stereotyped interpretations and focus solely on degrees, opposition, and trigons sextiles. That is, work on the natal chart. Compatibility of the zodiac signs by date of birth will work best only when two people are in the middle period of the zodiac, or in the second decade. Then you can safely assume that all Sagittarians in the second decade will be happy with the Twins in the second decade. Also, Lions with Libra, Aquarius with rams and Pisces with Scorpio.

I propose to discuss further elements of the zodiac. There are four, Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio - Water, Aries, Leo, Sagittarius - Fire, Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo - earth, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius - air. Why? Why not the other way around? How do these elements come from? It is difficult to answer this question, it is also some kind of invented interpretation. In fact, there was one interesting story. My friend lived 5 years with a girl in a wonderful relationship. He Gemini, Sagittarius it. 5 years of harmony and happiness. Suddenly she finds out that her date of birth is incorrect [it from the orphanage]. And it is not Sagittarius and Scorpio. You know what happened next? They often began to quarrel, and then completely dispersed. Amazing, but revealing story. In fact, while we are in something we believe it works around us.

AstroLovePlanet system does not reject the signs of the zodiac and the elements, does not reject the signs of zodiac horoscope compatibility by date of birth. But we are working directly with the degree of the natal chart, which gives accurate and mathematical statistics. Good luck and Love!


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