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      Marriage prediction

Consider options for a successful astrology marriage compatibility with the help of astrology.

Signs of the Zodiac in a position to marriage:
Taurus - is controlled by the planet Venus, which gravitates toward marriage and partnership. Venus can not live without a partner: it considers astrology marriage as an integral part of his life and is ready to go to the end.

Scales are also under the control of Venus. And Venus has a light and sociable character.

Cancer - ruled by the Moon, prone to the creation of the family, is responsible for life, property, motherhood. Family for such holder 7th house - is not just a necessity: it is their essence. They want to see next to him gentle, caring, emotional partner.

Polygamy: Gemini - ruled by Mercury, the planet of constant search for the new. In most cases, the owner of the 7th house does not stop at a marriage.

Sagittarius running Jupiter - the planet, giving the choice of partners for marriage owner of the 7th house. A person can not just be satisfied with one marriage partner, because again there is a better and more successful contender for the hand and heart of the cardholder.

Fish is also under the control of Jupiter.

Independence paired want the following characters:
Capricorn - ruled by Saturn - a planet that is all it touches, cools and cements. The owner of the 7th house might long to find a suitable partner, as his demands are high. And usually women do not realize that their excessive demands scare off potential partners. They do not give them the opportunity to come close, to open up and show their best qualities.

Aquarius - ruled by Uranus, the planet of independence, revolution, anarchy. The owner of the 7 th house is looking for a partner originality and extravagance, disobedience common traditions. Most often it is satisfied with a civil marriage and unconventional. The singularity of this marriage appears each in their own way. Each spouse can live in different apartments in different cities. They can give each other complete freedom of action. It is important that both staged such a relationship.

Virgo - entering the 7th house in the Virgin gives its owner a very critical choice of marriage partners. Extremely high demands can not stand the contenders for the hand and heart, with each subsequent applicant person loses hope of finding a mate. Council to reduce the requirements.

Signs are in a difficult marriage:
Aries - ruled by Mars, the planet that brings in any relationship conflict and war. If the 7th house of the horoscope owner will get in Aries, then such a person is necessary in relations sensations struggle and passion. Since Mars itself is rapidly losing "his fiery ardor," the storm of passion in a relationship maintains its interest in partner. If this confrontation is not, then the marriage is falling apart, ceasing to generate the feeling that he is living. Loss of interest, indifference lead to divorce.

Leo - the ruler of the Sun, which gives the holder of the 7th house if the desire to get married, then the queen to marry, so necessarily a prince of royal blood. And if life does not provide them per se, they can stay for a long time waiting for a miracle, in the search for high-born mate.

Scorpio - is also ruled by Mars. Only events in the horoscope of the owner not so rapid, and stretched on for years. In Scorpio Mars influence is hidden, but it lies hidden power. So marriage: they may seem to others is very durable and ideal. And no one can guess what efforts is given to partners maintaining these relationships.

Astrology marriage can give you a truly happy marriage.

Луна в Овне
Луна в Тельце
Луна в Близнецах
Луна в Раке
Луна во Льве
Луна в Деве
Луна в Весах
Луна в Скорпионе
Луна в Стрельце
Луна в Козероге
Луна в Водолее
Луна в Рыбах
Меркурий в Овне
Меркурий в Тельце
Меркурий в Близнецах
Меркурий в Раке
Меркурий во Льве
Меркурий в Деве
Меркурий в Весах
Меркурий в Скорпионе
Меркурий в Стрельце
Меркурий в Козероге
Меркурий в Водолее
Меркурий в Рыбах
Венера в Овне
Венера в Тельце
Венера в Близнецах
Венера в Раке
Венера во Льве
Венера в Деве
Венера в Весах
Венера в Скорпионе
Венера в Стрельце
Венера в Козероге
Венера в Водолее
Венера в Рыбах
Марс в Овне
Марс в Тельце
Марс в Близнецах
Марс в Раке
Марс во Льве
Марс в Деве
Марс в Весах
Марс в Скорпионе
Марс в Стрельце
Марс в Козероге
Марс в Водолее
Марс в Рыбах
Сатурн в Овне
Сатурн в Тельце
Сатурн в Близнецах
Сатурн в Раке
Сатурн во Льве
Сатурн в Деве
Сатурн в Весах
Сатурн в Скорпионе
Сатурн в Стрельце
Сатурн в Козероге
Сатурн в Водолее
Сатурн в Рыбах


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Do you want to plunge into a new social game - astrological dating? We offer Astrolavplanet - the opportunity to meet a partner on astrological compatibility. Total 6 lines, is Communication, Home and intimate relationships, traveling, flavor and beauty, work and business, Destiny. When you register, your astrological data is written to the database and the robot checks for you. If compatibility is more than 80%, then robots are sent the relevant notice about you to users. In addition, it is possible to search for the database partners using search filter compatibility. The site also has a variety of tests, which will tell you about yourself. Just take a look at our test of whether a person is suitable to you. It will not take more than a minute of your time, but the benefits will be substantial. You can also check the employees and co-workers, you can check the travelers, so much more.

AstroLovePlanet is know-how dating. This is the future of dating, because astrological dating service allows you to locate the ideal halves. After all, how many marriages break up due to incompatibility 90% in bed. But with more than 60% in this area you have a wonderful chance to live a happy life with your chosen partner! After all, the stars have worked for you! You just need to click on the button and select.
Unlike other dating sites, we have rigid filter profiles of any persons providing intimate services. This is a very good contrast, agree. Also here you can search on nationality, interests, on the more difficult levels of search.

The purpose of dating site AstroLovePlanet - help halves reunited on this wonderful planet. Good luck in your quest and love!

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