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Virgo Horoscope

At first glance, seem to many anchors of the Virgin in the material issues and everyday little things, but this impression is deceptive. Simply, these people are extremely careful to note the involuntary imperfections in this world, especially in areas where correct the situation within their power. That is why the average Virgo cares about cleanliness in the house - like the little prince, a man of this sign is trying to clean up our planet, and if it is not possible, then at least he owns a corner.

Most of the Virgin intelligent, and endowed with both logic and intuition, but often too critical of in relation to the world and others and allow themselves to stinging remarks, because of which lose their friends and loved ones.

Virgin have their own point of view on many issues, but are taken to defend it only in a dispute with a worthy and interesting opponents, rend the air, proving his innocence man stupid and unintelligent, they will not.

Most Virgos are attractive in appearance and could be simply irresistible, if you wanted to. But the people of this sign tend to stay in the shadows, not to attract attention, so they are often overlooked, especially those who do not recognize.

Typically, the Virgin is very calm and balanced, but this condition is easy to deduce their manifestations vulgarity, rudeness and stupidity. Faced with them, as if Virgin are losing a familiar frame of reference, the most restrained in such a hurry to withdraw the case from the source of irritation, while others are eager for the fight, so unstintingly.

Virgin have a strong sense of duty, and very wisely spend their money, trying not to be obligated to anyone.

Male Virgin have a strong inner strength, but feel humble and seldom solved the destiny of the desperate deeds. They have an excellent memory, and, unlike most other men are very attentive to detail.

Female Virgo is usually modest and shy. Most seem to be devoid of flaws and who can refrain from an act condemned by society, but it is not their main advantages. Among women with Dev meet serious nature, but they differ a clear mind, good taste and passion of the soul.


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The purpose of dating site AstroLovePlanet - help halves reunited on this wonderful planet. Good luck in your quest and love!

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