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Leo Horoscope

Lions are lazy different strength and great ambition. The desire to reach the top around the Lions pursue life, but the implementation is likely in anticipation of the benefits of fate, than in the active struggle for them, and when luck finally finds Leo, he takes it for granted.

At around Lions usually looked down upon, but any criticism reacted sharply and painfully. The fact that the "subjects" of this sign simply can not see close to a people who would be worthy to evaluate their actions.

Lions usually have many acquaintances, but not all of them have warm feelings - they are too often surround themselves with useful (or potentially useful) people, ignoring their personal dignity. Sometimes the Lions do regret these acquaintances, but behave as before. In general, what skill whatsoever to learn from our mistakes The Lions did not vested with all the victory, they explain their own merits, but the cause of failure is always considered the vicissitudes of fate.

People born under the sign of Leo, as a rule, incurably materialistic: they estimate only real good and try it for them.

Male lions are surprisingly easy to take a great interest by both women and new ideas. Vanity them truly unlimited, and is exacerbated by the inability to perfectly healthy competition: too lazy to fight with the enemy, Lions run from the battlefield. For this reason, children often grow up without the Lions fathers, who, tired of fighting with the kids for the attention of their mother go in search of new prey.

Female lions usually have a lot of fans and cherished the memory of each of them. They are extremely active, and endowed by nature to keep pace with the gift of all: good to the house, build a brilliant career, to dominate social life. It is worth noting that the women born under this sign often become wives of rich men, but the reason for this is not the cold prudence, just a lot easier to love them, and held a successful person than, say, a poor but promising.


Alexander of Macedon, a Napoleon, Talleyrand, Avicenna, Gregory Rasputin, Menachem Begin, Bill Clinton, Henry Nestle, George Soros, Henry Ford, Coco Chanel, Aenne Burda, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Titian, Ivan Aivazovsky, Jean Renoir, Ilya Repin, Guy de Maupassant, Alexandre Dumas, Bernard Shaw, John Galsworthy, Vasily Shukshin, Carl Jung, Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, JK Rowling, Oleg Tabakov, Anatoly Sobchak, Yves Saint Laurent, Robert De Niro, Louis de Funes, Igor Ilyinsky, Louis Armstrong, Soot Umalatov, Pierre Richard, Jean Reno, David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, Muslim Magomaev, Sofia Rotaru, Dustin Hoffman, Whitney Houston, Antonio Banderas, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Alain Sviridov, Igor Sharp, Victor Shenderovich, Vasily Shandybin, Julia Menshov, Jennifer Lopez, Leonid Yakubovich.


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Do you want to plunge into a new social game - astrological dating? We offer Astrolavplanet - the opportunity to meet a partner on astrological compatibility. Total 6 lines, is Communication, Home and intimate relationships, traveling, flavor and beauty, work and business, Destiny. When you register, your astrological data is written to the database and the robot checks for you. If compatibility is more than 80%, then robots are sent the relevant notice about you to users. In addition, it is possible to search for the database partners using search filter compatibility. The site also has a variety of tests, which will tell you about yourself. Just take a look at our test of whether a person is suitable to you. It will not take more than a minute of your time, but the benefits will be substantial. You can also check the employees and co-workers, you can check the travelers, so much more.

AstroLovePlanet is know-how dating. This is the future of dating, because astrological dating service allows you to locate the ideal halves. After all, how many marriages break up due to incompatibility 90% in bed. But with more than 60% in this area you have a wonderful chance to live a happy life with your chosen partner! After all, the stars have worked for you! You just need to click on the button and select.
Unlike other dating sites, we have rigid filter profiles of any persons providing intimate services. This is a very good contrast, agree. Also here you can search on nationality, interests, on the more difficult levels of search.

The purpose of dating site AstroLovePlanet - help halves reunited on this wonderful planet. Good luck in your quest and love!

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